Thousands of hopefuls will start a Network Marketing business this year. Very few will make money.

 “Will You Be One of the Lucky Ones?”

Everyone who has ever been a Top Achiever in any field knows the one thing that will help them achieve massive success and grow their income faster than anything else.

And Now You Can Discover It too…

It’s depressing, isn’t it?

Even though genuinely talented types have a burning desire to work from home, either for Pin money or Serious Income enough to enable them to turn to their Boss and tell him that they can’t fit the day-job into their schedule anymore, very few will succeed.

Of course, some people will enjoy a little success. A few others will enjoy the freedom of working from home but nearly everyone else will shake their heads and QUIT.

Maybe it’s even happened to you already. You start enthusiastically promoting your Product or Service to realize your Dream, but you end up getting rejections instead. Or perhaps you try to persuade people to join your Team & realize their Dreams but you’re met with apathy, disbelief, and more rejection.

It’s frustrating. It’s humiliating. It’s exhausting. And sometimes it feels like no matter how much time you spend, how many times you try, you’re just never going to make it.

Listen, if you’ve ever felt like this, let me reassure you that you’re not the only one. And let me also tell you that it’s not your fault if you’ve tried and failed before.

You see, the reason why you failed is that most are not experienced in having their own business having been told for most of their lives what and when to do things without question. I mean think about it: Most succumb to the next shiny ‘you can make money thing on the Internet only to have their hopes dashed and their investment lost. After all…

If you had some specific advantage,
then you’d get a fantastic result …

Ahh, to be so lucky.

I’m assuming you weren’t born with some specific advantage otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading. I’m also presuming you don’t have the skill, knowledge, or experience to succeed.

So it’s no wonder that the shiny objects and get-rich-quick schemes didn’t give you the specific results you wanted.

Until now, that is.

If you still have that burning desire to have a successful home-based business, don’t worry because there’s a real shortcut to achieving massive success. Or you can go it alone and try to figure it out all by yourself. I’ve had to figure it out all by myself and it took years of working out what worked and what didn’t. If I was to start from scratch this is what I would do differently.

I would use an unfair advantage sooner to save time, money, and frustration. I’m talking about Getting An Unfair Advantage In Network Marketing. It’s the one thing that will help you achieve massive success and grow your income faster than anything else. 

That’s right, now you too can get a fantastic result
even if you don’t have special skills, knowledge or experience right now.

I have been involved in Network Marketing aka Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) for over half a century and the dark days of Pyramid Schemes I believe that the financial vehicle of network marketing is the greatest in the world. There’s nothing else in the world that allows you to make the kind of money that you can make, have the kind of time freedom and be able to spend your life just helping other people.

I have spent hundreds, if not thousands, buying books and courses on Network Marketing. I have been on Company Training and listened to the successful Distributors.

I have implemented the ‘teachings’ and got the Customers & Distributors, recognized on stage and qualified for the Car Incentive Scheme but I still felt…

Something was missing for most Network Marketers

All the self-acclaimed Gurus and the Top Earners were all saying the same thing as if they were all part of a cult chanting the same Mantra.

If this led to Network Marketing success why was there a 20-80% drop-out rate of Distributors every year? Clearly, something was missing.

Quite by chance, I read a Facebook post and some vacuous replies purporting to help in a Network Marketing forum which triggered my light-bulb moment.

There it was hidden in plain view camouflaged by the Mantra and lost in the continuous repetition.

The ‘invisible’ extra Level – the Unfair Advantage!

In all the material that I have consumed, I have never seen this Level spelled out or emphasized how important it was to succeed in Network Marketing. Why else would so many thousands quit every year causing the recruitment drum to be beaten so vigorously and continuously?

Please don’t think I’m criticizing others, I’m not. I think it’s an oversight to not bring this unfair advantage to the forefront.

Veterans of the industry have concentrated on the journey and lost sight of the true destination of Network Marketing.

If you believe that Rank Advancing to the highest level of your Network Marketing company is the true destination of Network Marketing then I’ll beg to differ. It comes way before!

I know, these sound like bold claims. I’m confident that this will work for you too but you don’t have to take my word for it. You can carry on doing your own thing.

Let’s not get carried away here. It’s not for everyone. It’s not for those who are not 200% committed to making a better life for themselves. It’s not for those who are not going to implement the Training. It’s not for those who are not tenacious and persistent in achieving their goals.

It’s not for those who are not prepared to invest time in their business.

Are YOU Ready to take the next step?

Here’s a sneak peek at what you will learn by utilizing the unfair advantage:

  • You’ll find out a deceptively simple way to decide what business you should promote.
  • You’ll discover what one Core Activity has to do with your success.
  • WARNING: Don’t even think of promoting your chosen Product or Service until you learn how saying the wrong thing can sabotage your results!
  • How to quickly and easily scale your business, without stress.
  • You’ll discover what the Top Performers know about making serious profits.
  • You’ll find out how to avoid Dream Stealers – never again will you be affected by negative people.
  • You’ll learn a simple four-step strategy for getting quality prospects – it’s easier than you think!
  • You’ll get a sure-fire strategy for getting more referrals – you’re going to love this!
  • Plus you’ll find out how to get people to Know, Like & Trust you in just a few minutes – you’ll even amaze yourself with this neat little strategy!

Now, I know you’re excited about finally finding the solution. But I also know what you’re thinking…

  1. Will this really work?
  2. If you’re really committed to having a viable business working from home the Report will be invaluable.
  3. Can I do it?
  4. I don’t know because I haven’t spoken to you and I don’t know what your Goals & Aspirations are and how committed you are. Results will vary based on the level of commitment.
  5. Will you be able to help me?
  6. For sure I’ll be able to assess whether you are on the right track. I can only give you my opinion and it will be your choice to accept it or not.
  7. Still on the fence?

Those slow to make up their minds are also slow in carrying out their decisions.

PPS. Let me share something with you.

The work-from-home market is exploding in the Post Pandemic era. Things are never going to be the same again.

High street shops are already in decline but this will be their death knell except for a very few SPECIALIST retailers.

Commuting to work will be a thing of the past. Technology already exists for dentists to fill cavities and skilled surgeons to operate remotely.

You are not going to have a Job

We are entering the METAVERSE ERA.

By now you should be realising that if you’re not involved in this mega-shift then you will die out just like the dinosaurs of the past.

Fortune favours the Bold!

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